Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Courageous the Movie


I love good, clean, family movies.

Along with my church family, I have just seen a movie that I must recommend to you. The name of the movie is "Courageous." You have never seen a movie like this one. Name the issue and it is covered in this movie. Speak of the Lord and how much He cares for people of all races and needs and life situations and you will find all of these in this movie.

Want to cry? Go see this movie. I used up all my kleenex, both of my popcorn napkins and the ones loaned to me by the person in the next seat as well as both sides of my shirt tail.

Want to laugh? Go see this movie. I laughed multiple times, scene after joyfully surprising scene, until my sides hurt.

Want to be challenged to grow in your faith? Go see this movie. I left there completely numbed by the depth of the need all around me to reach out to kids and families who need Christ.

Want to believe that there is hope for our country? Go see this movie. No matter what is happening in politics or energy or war or local or national or worldwide affairs...the FAMILY is the building block God wants to use to rebuild His kingdom. Healthy homes are foundational to healthy churches which produce hearts that are tender for reaching a lost world that needs Christ.

Want to see fathers as well as mothers step up to the plate to raise God honoring children by living God honoring lives? Go see this movie. You too can try this at home.

Be Courageous. See Courageous.
The movie.
Becky Brown