Wednesday, February 4, 2009


(a poetic Esther-torial)
Myrtle, Myrtle, you're the star
but how we wonder who you are?!!
The kingdom of A-has-u-er-us
had a queen who was the fairest.
The king said, "Come!"
Vashti said, "No!"
So the king said,
"Girl, you gotta go,
The world's gonna know
that you are queen no mo!"
He sought a queen to wear her crown.
Now Mordecai lived in that town.
He was raising cousin Esther
and in the palace God did place her.
She was a beauty to behold.
She was a Jew, if the truth had been told.
Mary Kay® and Este Lauder® and
Cover Girl® and Avon® powder:
with just one look, the king would crow,
"For a queen, we look no mo!"
To the palace from the harem,
she was chosen first among the women.
Banquets, feasts and merrymaking,
Myrtle Star was queen in the making.
An evil plot to kill the king
was revealed by Mordecai, it seems.
The king was spared, the plotters hanged.
Five years later, things have changed.
Deeds of Mordecai forgotten
while wicked Haman gets a big promotion:
"Bow the knee and worship me
because the king said do it, yessirree!"
Mordecai said, "I won't bow!"
The Jews are in much danger now.
Things in Susa are in confusion,
fasting, weeping, facing sure destruction.
"Myrtle Star, what will you do?
If your Jews are spared, it's up to you!
If you are silent, they will die.
Are you content to live a lie?
You were surely chosen queen,
the reason why is clearly seen.
Royalty was placed into your hand
to save the Jews, a special plan."
"But, if I go before the king,
I could be the offering!
Fast for me until day three.
I will go. We will see.
I count my Jewish nation cherished.
If I perish, then, I perish."
Esther goes before the king,
"Ask what you wish! Anything!"
"Sir, the banquet hall has been prepared.
You and Haman must be there."
Haman's pride and hatred grew,
nip and tuck, until he knew
this old Mordecai just had to die
and he'd make it happen by and by.
"Build those gallows and Mort will see
he can't refuse to worship ME!"
The king awake one sleepless night
heard a bedtime story about the plight
of Mordecai, the Jew, who dared
reveal the plot and the king was spared.
"Honor HIM, that's what we'll do
and Haman, you will praise him too!"
Haman ran right home to Mama.
She said, "Honey, these Jews are overcomers.
You better drop this deal while you still can
cause Mordecai will be the man with the plan!"
A banquet hall. A joyful fest.
A determined queen. A worried guest.
Myrtle Queen becomes the star,
"King, here's who we really are…
my Jewish people are in danger here
because of Haman, it is clear.
My life I give in this endeavor
for my people will die without your favor."
A scepter raised. A signet ring.
A letter sealed, straight from the king.
The Jews are spared, hip, hip, hooray!
They live to see another day!
On gallows built for Mordecai,
the king said, "Hang that Haman high!"
Haman learned that pride don't pay
while Mordecai became the man of the day.
Myrtle, Myrtle, you're the star.
NOW I will remember who you are!
"Hadasseh." That's your Hebrew name
and it means "myrtle" just the same.
"Esther" is your Persian name
and that means "star" and we're so glad you came.
The name of God is not written in this book,
but His perfect plan is everywhere you look.
+B+B+ Becky Brown