Tuesday, March 3, 2009


(A song of gratitude and blessing for the birth of Maley Grace Boyanton March 4, 2009)



We didn’t know who you were…we didn’t know how it could be…

Your daddy and mommy were praying each day and waiting very patiently.

You are safe in the Father’s arms…that is all we need to know right now.

Till the day we behold you, we can’t wait to hold you

Sweet little smile of God.

You will always belong to Him. You will never be alone.

As soon as we reach you we can’t wait to teach you

That heaven can be your home.

We will love you with all of our hearts. We will shelter you from the cold.

Till the day we behold you, we can’t wait to hold you.

Sweet little smile of God.

He knew you before He formed you. He already knew your name.

He knows the path that you will be taking and He will be with you every step of the way.

He will keep all your tears in His bottle and He will catch them when they fall.

He will be with you through all of the nights of your life

And hear you whenever you call.

Can you imagine Mary’s manger joy to touch her baby’s face?

God was touching back with His amazing baby grace!

So hold onto Jesus wherever you are…He will never let you go!

We bless the name of the One Who made the miracle of you.

Sweet little smile of God…

Beautiful little smile of God…

You are our little smile from God!


Copyright 2009

Words and Music by Becky Brown


(GRANBECK sez: “Think pink but wear denim blue!”)