Tuesday, January 6, 2009


THY faithfulness…MY faithlessness
THY righteousness…MY filth
THY sight…MY tunnel vision
THY doings…MY inactivity
THY hands reaching…MY selfishness grasping
THY face…MY masks
THY lovingkindness…MY insensitivity
THY will…MY stubbornness
THY good Spirit…MY arrogance
THY name…MY reputation

Time and time again I see
That “THY” is THEE
and “MY” is me.
I fear that it will never be
As long as it is constantly
MINE and ME.
Becky Brown

Friday, January 2, 2009


We have just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas 2008 together at Snow Lake. After two years of Christmas holidays in Memphis hospitals, we were glad to be home together. Our dad, our favorite heart patient, is doing well. Our mom is proving with the help of the Lord that you CAN be a cancer survivor…TWICE! She has put that “t” in cancer…CANTCER! We are truly blessed. My sister took me for a ride in her new convertible. In order to keep the top down all the way to the WalMart in Holly Springs, we had to turn on the heater to stay warm.

We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Ashland Baptist Church. On the way home, we could see lots of red blinking lights across the lake. First we thought someone had added decorations to their house to help Santa find his way. As we got closer, we could see that it was a fire truck and that it was parked very close to the homes near our driveway. We even saw smoke. As we navigated past the traffic jam of fire equipment, the lumps in our throats began to relax. There was Santa himself in living red and white, passing out candy to the kids. Guess the smoke we saw must have been from a fireplace. How about that for tidings of comfort and joy?

Someone sent me a Christmas greeting via text message to my cell phone. It read this way: “MARRY CHRISTMAS!” I’m sure that well meaning “predictive text” accidentally served up this two-word salutation. I decided that it might be a sign from God that there is hope for me yet!

During The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine
When it comes to my life, I pray that you will find
One Resigned
completely from anything that would distract me from God.
One Inclined
with intentionality toward the face of God.
One Refined
daily by the Word of God.
One Aligned
specifically with the plan of God.
One Assigned
clearly to my place in the plan of God.
Becky Brown