Thursday, December 4, 2008


One cup of marching with hidden, unconfessed sin
One cup of leading without direction from the Lord
A pinch of pride
A dash of fear
Mix with defiance and prayer-less-ness
Bake until burnt
File under: Double Decker Failure Deluxe
Rave Reviews: “This cake has fallen and it can’t get up!”

The Great Physician has declared that consumption of this cake could be hazardous to your spiritual health. It could potentially paralyze your spiritual walk. It could contribute to cloudiness of your spiritual vision.
Partake with fear and trembling…

Suggested toppings: Confrontation and Reprimand
Recommended side dishes: Repentance and confession

Copyright 1997
From the Bible Study in the book of Joshua
“Joshua and the Stones of Remembrance”
Joshua and Achan and the Battle of Ai
Chapters Six, Seven and Eight
Becky Brown

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